Certified Coating that Protects against germs

Do you have family, friends or clients who are concerned about the potential for infection within your home or office?

Would you like the peace of mind that the key touch points of your home/office are coated with a proven, regulated and most importantly, safe surface treatment, designed to last up to 30 days.

N-Viro Clean are the professional organisation who can apply this specialist coating throughout your premises.

Please make an appointment with one of our team to give you  expert  advice on how we can best help you.

Self Apply with the DIY kit of the professionals

Would you like to safely apply the accredited chemical technology to your key touch points yourself.

Do you feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve sanitised your premises to your own high standards.

Then N-Viro Clean can provide you with the home kit and the simple to use video instructions to “do it yourself”.

Our DIY Kit includes all the professional materials you need, with illustrated application instructions and a touch point checklist to safely prepare and protect your home surfaces.



A full service package can be tailored to your requirements.

The N-Viro clean mobile team provide a comprehensive, safe, cost effective decontamination and protection spraying service for all domestic and commercial environments with proven solutions. Clean, quick and safe to apply.

Professionally coated with a water based, non staining , non leaching surface treatment as used by leading UK public transport suppliers. Once dry the microbe shield forms the protective coating permanently bonded all to the surfaces.

1. Sanitise

Identify the areas most frequently touched by hands small and large. Clean down thoroughly using leading edge technology and liquids ensuring the surface has all potential germs/bacteria removed.

2. Protect

Coat surfaces with Microbe-Shield™ application using electrostatic sprayers that ensure ALL areas are covered.
Polish all high sheen surfaces removing any residue.
Train household / staff members on key touch point procedures.
Requires no special PPE.

3. Maintain

Periodically refresh the heavily used touch point such as door handles and stair rails where abrasion may occur using the N-Viro Clean self maintain kit. Order replenishment as and when required.
Renew the electrostatic application with the N-Viro Clean team within 3 – 6 months.

How the DIY Kit can work for you


  • Protect your loved ones from the potential of infection from key touch points and personal contact.
  • Easily make the sanitisation process a key addition to your daily routine.
  • Self maintain as when you require knowing you are in control.
  • Get into the habit of cleaning those devices that you always touch but don’t regularly clean i.e. Mobile phones/ Tablets, keys etc.
  • Be secure in the knowledge that you are reducing all the risks of any potential contamination.

Home Kit can be supplemented with additional supplies on request.


EnviroGuard™ HOME Kit

The EnviroGuard™ Home Kit includes all the professional materials you need, with illustrated application instructions and a touch point checklist to safely prepare and protect your home surfaces.

  • 5 Biocleaning UltraMicrofibre cloths & decontamination spray
  • 5 UltraMicrofibre polish cloths
  • 2 Microbe Shield application mits
  • 1 Microbe Shield antimicrobial surface treatment
  • 1 Germfree24 “Pocket” Hand sanitiser 100 ml
  • 1 Germfree24 “Family” Hand sanitiser 500 ml
  • Access to Surewash smartphone app
  • On-line video instructions on how to use the Home Kit

No special protective clothing required.

Home Kit can be supplemented with additional supplies on request.



” A few months back we had the team from N-Viro Clean in to do a full deep clean and help protect our practice from coronavirus.  We have since been using their anti-microbial products to maintain a safe environment for our patients all day, every day.

Michelle and the team have helped us combat COVID in our practice. A great local business helping another in Skipton, we highly recommend N-Viro Clean.”

Julian Hotchkiss | Benjamin Opticians | Skipton


” We were really impressed with the service and knowledge the N-Viro Clean team imparted to us about infection prevention.

We are delighted we found such a respectable company and are looking forward to working with them on a regular basis to keep our premises protected again infections.

A job well done – Thank you -“

John Erye | Savage Crangle Solicitors | Skipton


“We hired Michelle and her team as we want everyone to feel super safe whilst dining with us & we felt this was a great added protection for our team and customers!
Michelle and her team were fantastic and worked so hard to make sure everywhere was clean and covered.
They are very passionate in the service they provide and we felt safe in their experienced hands.

We would definitely recommend N-Viroclean.”

Rebecca and Bruce Elsworth | Elsworth Kitchen | Skipton


“Thanks to the N-Viro team, Myself and my customers feel very safe whilst in the salon. I had an initial treatment done in November and a refresh in May just before the latest easing of lockdown. I have found no damage occurring to my new furniture.I would thoroughly recommend the process and Michelle and her team.”

Joanne Walker | Ultimacy Beauty and Nails | Skipton