Protect your business against the rise of ‘superbugs’.

In a world where we are fighting a losing battle against more resistant bacteria and viruses, the need for new technology to clean and disinfect our business environments has never been greater.

The hospitality/hotel sector relies heavily on the quality of the aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of its environment.

Customers expect to see front of house, restaurant and bedrooms in pristine condition and this is vital to the success of the business. All hotel facilities such as sanitary facilities, kitchens, gyms, pools and health spas etc. require the same high standards of cleanliness and N-Viro Clean products can be used to clean and protect all of these facilities.

‘Cleaning alone does not kill potentially harmful microorganisms such as Norovirus, the “winter vomiting” virus, and more recently Coronavirus, which can strike at any time.’

Most normal cleaning products do not contain any form of biocide; relying on physical removal of soils and microorganisms as cleanliness is the main objective. Even if they do contain some form of biocide, none can compete with the long-lasting effect of using N-Viro Clean- known as our long-lasting ‘residual protection’.

Sanitary areas, gyms and any activity where there is a high potential for harmful microbes to be transferred onto surfaces and subsequently to guests or visitors become a potential risk of infection.

Using N-Viro Clean will provide your customers, staff and visitors with ‘peace of mind’ that your establishment is not just visibly clean but microbiologically clean- thereby providing a safer environment for all.